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Earn interchange for Amazon, Netflix, Apple, and more*

Q2 CardSwap™ is the first switch kit for subscription and eCommerce merchants, allowing users to put your card top-of-wallet for their favorite services—all in one place.

How it works

  • 1 Select Services and Vendors
  • 2 Enter Card Information
  • 3 Authenticate in One Place

Select from a menu of CardSwap’s 55+ popular services.

Enter card information once, and restrict acceptable cards by BIN numbers to make sure your card is being used.

Using your existing login credentials, authenticate into each of your selected services and your preferred payment method is updated within 24 hours.

Select Services and Vendors
Enter Card Information
Authenticate in One Place
Get your card top-of-wallet
Get your card top-of-wallet

Getting your debit or credit card widely adopted is vital to creating sticky—and profitable—users. CardSwap is the first digital tool designed to get your card in use as broadly and frequently as possible.

Improve the new card experience
Improve the new card experience

Whether you’re onboarding a new customer or replacing an expired or compromised card, CardSwap makes it easy for users to add their new card as their default payment method.

Generate interchange revenue
Generate interchange revenue

Interchange revenue is one of the most vital paths to monetization for financial services providers. CardSwap is the first in a series of tools designed to leverage financial technology to maximize interchange.

*None of the listed companies are associated with, sponsor, or endorse Q2 CardSwap.

Q2 CardSwap™ has the best protection technology on the market

Q2 CardSwap with Q2 TrustView, powered by ALTR technology, protects your customers’ data. Combat unauthorized access attempts by fragmenting and scattering their data into multiple blockchains.

Q2 partner ALTR is the developer of ALTR technology.

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