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Safeguard against ACH fraud while making compliance easier

See why operations and risk teams love this innovative tool

Track ACH origination trends and simplify compliance in one system

The Centrix Payments I.Q. System (CentrixPIQS) is a comprehensive ACH origination and risk management system that offers a robust suite of transaction reports, including ACH origination and returns, remote deposit, and wire activity. Automatically generate reports and choose flexible filters to simplify audits and the annual risk review.

Here’s how CentrixPIQS benefits you

  • ACH Calendar Validation
  • File Integrity Checks
  • SEC Code Validation
  • White List Validation (Valid RT Numbers and Account Numbers)
  • Duplicate File Checks
  • Dollar Limit Checks (Company/Business Unit/File)
  • Institution-Defined Business Rules Filters
  • Totals Validation
  • Scheduled Files Due (Calendaring)
Activity Reporting
  • Activity Analysis with Flexible Date Filters
  • High-Risk Originator Monitoring
  • Transaction Analysis by SEC Code
  • Volume Reporting
  • Exposure Reporting
  • Exception Reporting
  • Remote Deposit and Wire Reporting
  • Trending Charts and Graphs
  • Returns Analysis
  • Returns Ratio Monitoring


Pulling reports of ACH returns for monthly board meetings—something that would take me six or seven hours before—now takes 30 minutes with CentrixPIQS.

—Kelly Davis, SVP & Director of Deposit Operations

CentrixPIQS add-on modules

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