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PrecisionLender, a Q2 Company

The world’s leading sales and coaching solution for commercial banks

Gain valuable insights that lead to action and better relationships

Empower your relationship managers (RMs) with actionable, in-the-moment insights and coaching to help structure, price, and negotiate winning deals. The result is stronger, more profitable relationships, for both your RMs and your bank.

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RMs like that PrecisionLender gives them different options…They now have efficient ways to make the deal work and meet the needs of the customer.

—Kyle Koelbel, Chief Financial Officer

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Deliver the right information to the right banker at the right time with Andi®

Banks have enormous amounts of data they use to generate insights, but they struggle to turn this into meaningful action. PrecisionLender helps banks take this critical final step, thanks to Andi, our intelligent virtual analyst.

Andi augments bankers’ strengths with the latest technology and data, delivering recommendations on different structures and tactics, while the deal is being priced.

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Implementation made easy

PrecisionLender isn’t like the painful, resource- and time-intensive software implementations banks typically endure. Our typical implementation takes 12 weeks, and even the most complex configurations and integrations are usually done within 6 months.

+10 BPS Margin Growth
+8.76% Loan Growth
+7.64% Deposit Growth

PrecisionLender clients outperformed their peers in all of these annual* metrics while limiting the rate of their past due commercial loans to just 0.81%.

*Based on FDIC numbers from December 2017-December 2018

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See why over 200+ banks worldwide use PrecisionLender to improve their profitability, growth, and client experience.

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