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Biller Direct
Generate revenue with bill pay

Biller Direct is a new, card-enabled bill pay solution designed to dramatically improve the user experience and economic model of bill pay.

How it works

  • 1 Add Your Bills
  • 2 Make or Schedule Payments
  • 3 Understand Your Spend

Using a simple search function, locate and log into each biller using existing login credentials.

Establish payment and notification preferences for each biller, including card payments.

Biller Direct pulls real-time due date and amount information into a single, anticipated spend snapshot.

Add Your Bills
Make or Schedule Payments
Understand Your Spend
Generate interchange revenue
Generate interchange revenue

Interchange revenue is one of the most vital paths to monetization for financial services providers, and Biller Direct is the only white-label, card-enabled bill pay tool available today.

Get your card top-of-wallet
Get your card top-of-wallet

Getting your debit or credit card widely adopted is vital to creating sticky—and profitable—users. Biller Direct is designed to use the digital channel to put your card top of wallet and stay there.

Drive bill pay adoption
Drive bill pay adoption

Legacy bill pay is a sticky feature, but only a fourth of online banking users are enrolled.* With its modern UX, Biller Direct is tailored to appeal to the three-fourths who aren’t using bill pay.

*Source: Aite (February 15, 2017), U.S. Bank Bill Pay: An Update

Q2 Biller Direct is PCI Compliant

Q2 Biller Direct™ is PCI compliant, thanks to Q2 TrustView, powered by ALTR technology. With TrustView in place your organization will have better control of who can access valuable data and how it’s handled.

Q2 partner ALTR is the developer of ALTR technology.

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